Fabric bellows manufactured by us take up movements in several directions simultaneously, have almost no reactive forces, need little space for installation, are easy to adapt to existing physical conditions and are convenient to transport and install.

We have a large range of fabric expansion joints which include one of single layer expansion joints, consisting of specially developed materials, which cover a temperature range of -65° to +200°c.

We also manufacture a range of multi-layer expansion joints, insulation bolster covering most operating conditions in air or gas duct systems. The individual type of expansion joint is chosen on the basis of flow medium, Maximum operation temperature, Flow, Pressure etc.

These can be supplied with or without membrane which is impervious and resistant to chemicals. similarly, The type of outer cover can also be varied depending upon the operation and customer requirement. fabric expansion joints with fibrous insulation and/or refractory lining are also a part of our manufacturing. apart from these we have a range of fabric expansion joint products developed exclusively for the power plants, Steel plants, Ships, cement plant, Defense, Railways and other high tech, precision industries. the special feature of this series is its outer cover, Which provides mechanical protection to the fabric expansion joints.


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