Fabric bellows manufactured by us take up movements in several directions simultaneously, have almost no reactive forces,, are easy to adapt to existing physical conditions, and are convenient to transport and install. fabric bellows.

We have a large range of fabric expansion joints which include one of single layer expansion joints, consisting of specially developed materials, which cover a temperature range of -65° to +200°c.

We also manufacture a range of multi-layer expansion joints, insulation bolster covering most operating conditions in air or gas duct systems. The individual sort of expansion joint is chosen on the idea of flow medium, Maximum operation temperature, Flow, Pressure, etc.

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These can be supplied with or without membrane which is impervious and resistant to chemicals. similarly, The type of outer cover can also be varied depending upon the operation and customer requirement. fabric expansion joints with fibrous insulation and/or refractory lining are also a part of our manufacturing. apart from these, we have a range of fabric expansion joint products developed exclusively for the power plants, Steel plants, Ships, cement plant, Defense, Railways, and other high tech, precision industries. the special feature of this series is its outer cover, Which provides mechanical protection to the fabric expansion joints.

Non Metallic bellow

Non metallic bellow is a highly flexible connector made of natural or synthetic fabric. These non metallic bellow and contoured non metallic bellow seals are versatile seals used in a wide range of applications that are designed to provide stress relief in the pipeline industry for thermal movement and mechanical vibration. We are among the trusted names in the industry for manufacturing and exporting Non metallic bellow.

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In many cases, you are simply replacing an existing joint that has performed over its expected life. We may suggest that you consider alternatives, which based on our experience, would be cost-effective. Our production and inventory systems will support the timely manufacture of replacements at a competitive price. non-metallic bellow.

non-metallic bellow The parameters which govern the specification of an expansion joint include the temperatures and pressures of the materials flowing in the system (solids, liquids, gases, and combinations of these), the mechanical linkage to the system where they are installed, and the movement and forces the system will exert on the expansion joint. Each section of this catalog provides information about the parameters to be selected to order the expansion joint you require.  non metallic bellow.

fabric bellow material Fabric expansion joints can absorb larger movements than metal expansion joints and do so without spring loads. This is critical to limiting thermally induced stresses in ducting, ducting supports, and related equipment. fabric bellow material.

fabric bellow material Fabric expansion joint is inserted into a gap in the ductwork where the movement will occur. A fabric expansion joint has two main components — the fabric gas seal and the metal frames. The fabric gas seal is a closed-loop, like a belt, with its two edges clamped all around to the metal frames that are in turn connected to the end of ducting. As the ducting moves also fabric bellows, the fabric belt deforms. The fabric material must do this without tearing or leaking while sometimes being exposed to high temperatures and/or corrosive media. fabric leather bellow.

fabric leather bellow In some instances, additional components such as insulation pillows, accumulation barriers, or flow liners are utilized to help protect the fabric material so fabric bellows. The following section describes the basics of fabric expansion joint components and how they are designed. fabric leather bellow.

fabric bellow manufacturers The drawing below shows a cross-section of an expansion joint designed to allow the ducting to serve as a flow liner. The joint frame takes the place of a stiffener flange. The complete duct/expansion joint ships as one factory assembled component. fabric bellow manufacturers.

Fabric expansion joints perform a function of compensating for duct misalignment and duct thermal growth typical in power plants and other ducting systems so fabric bellows. The proper design of these joints starts with asking the right questions about the application, providing the correct answers, and applying design rules to arrive at the appropriate solution. fabric bellow manufacturers


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