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axial expansion joint







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axial expansion joint

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The computer can solve large set of equation . From the solutions, the computer extracts the behavior of the individual elements. From this, it can get the stress and deflection of all parts of a structure. The stresses will be compared to permissible values of stress for the materials to be used, to see if the structures are strong enough.

The user is asked to give basic technical information about the requirements, pressure, temperature, maximum possible axial movement, maximum lateral movement etc. the manufacturer suggests the technical design of axial expansion joint, which includes the dimensions and its technical capabilities. If the user is satisfied with this design, then only commercial aspect or rates are quoted. This approach is suggested by Expansion Joint Manufacturing Association.

A model is required to be generated for the component which is to be analyzed. Designer has got to choose proper sort of element for the analysis. Actually the kind of component behavior is required to be considered at this stage. The model can be either one dimensional, two dimensional or three dimensional. One dimensional model can be generated by using Metallic expansion joint replacement in vadodara generating two dimensional shapes like rectangle, circle, etc.

axial expansion joint

In case of three dimensional modeling two dimensional shape are often extruded to 3rd direction, or revolve command is beneficial . Every designer can have own idea for generating model. Many times component is consist of many small parts, hence all parts are required to be modeled, than assembly function is required.Here type of fit can also be selected as per requirements.

The analysis is based on certain assumptions. These assumptions are idealized bellow configuration, a uniform thickness, a homogeneous and isotropic material and elastic behavior. axial expansion joint in vadodara correct for most applications. A bellows usually operates within the elastic and plastic stress region and cold work, thanks to forming, alters the mechanical properties of the fabric .

cycle life for a uniform series of bellows of same basic design. Usually, five meridional yield rupture tests on bellows of varying sizes with not less than three
convolutions are required. A minimum of ten squirm tests on bellows of varying diameters and number of convolutions are required. A minimum of twenty five
fatigue test on bellows of varying diameters, thicknesses, convolution profiles are required to construct a fatigue life versus combined stress plot. The test bellows must be representative of the typical bellows design and manufacturing process. Hence lot of cost axial expansion joint.

Many times special purpose test rigs are needs to be prepared for experimental verification or testing of bellows. Testing results are often used for the foolproof design of expansion joints. The testing is necessary to for the verification of the design procedure. axial expansion joint in vadodara or specific inspection procedure is decided and which is followed. so axial expansion joint in baroda.

Traditional design process and stress analysis techniques are very specific for every individual case supported fundamental principles. It can only be satisfactorily applied to a range of conventional component shapes and specific loading conditions using sound theories. Also this design process needs continuous improvement till the merchandise becomes matured and proven successful by customers. After that the product becomes standardized. This methodology is followed by majority industries for his or her products.

But just in case of customized products, every individual product has unique design features. Specific geometric parameters are altered in order to achieve desirable function from the product. axial expansion joint in gujarat manufacturer is not much useful because of very frequent changes in the design calculations. Expansion joints are such customized products, which needs to be treated individually for varieties of applications.

Every time design procedure is carried out carefully and minor modifications are also required. During traditional design process many ambiguities remains in the mind of designers because of varieties of application areas of expansion joints. Thus, designers normally use higher safety factors in order to minimize risk. This leads to over design components by specifying either unnecessarily bulky cross sections or high quality materials. Inevitably the cost of the product is adversely affected.

In the finite element analysis, first step is modeling. Using any special axial expansion joint manufacturer can be generated using the construction and editing features of the software. In finite element method the structure is broken down into many small simple blocks called elements. The material properties and therefore the governing relationships are considered over these elements.

The behavior of a private element are often described with a comparatively simple set of equations. Just as the set of elements would be jointed together to build the whole structure, the equations describing the behavior of the individual elements are also joined into an extremely large set of equations that describe the behavior of whole structure.

The continuum is that the human body , structure, or solid being analyzed. Descritization could also be simply described because the process during which the given body is subdivided into the same system of finite elements. Elements are nothing but alittle portion of the continuum which represents the entire continuum that’s being analyzed. The finite elements may be triangles, groups of triangles or quadrilaterals for a two dimensional continuum. For three dimensional analysis, the finite elements may be tetrahedral, rectangular axial expansion joint in baroda.Here union, intersection and subtraction of area kind of commands are very useful.


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