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Metallic Bellows Manufacturer 

The main element of an expansion Metallic Bellows Manufacturer, which consists of one or more convolution, is called bellow. The performance of expansion joint is mainly depends on the geometric features of bellow. Hence, type of raw material and its properties, its geometric features, other influencing design factors, construction or manufacturing method, and performance testing of bellows are necessary to study. Study of theses parameters is helpful in achieving desirable performance of expansion joints.

The formed bellows are made from thin sheet metal. The bellows are formed either hydraulically or mechanically, from a thin walled tube. The tube contains longitudinal welds and exhibit significant flexibility as the thickness is very less. Formed bellows are made in a single or multiple plies according to requirement.

The bellows convolutions are formed either hydraulically or mechanically, from a thin walled tube. Metallic Bellows Manufacturer in vadodara very precise so that material thinning should be controlled, in order to maintain uniform thickness. The similar size convolution shapes should be formed in a bellow so Metallic Bellows Manufacturer in baroda.

Sometimes reinforcing or equalizing rings are added while the bellow material is very thin. Reinforcing rings resist any distortion of the convolution root and are easily fitted to bellows that are formed Metallic Bellows Manufacturer in vadodara. Equalizing rings can be of cast or fabricated construction, generallyin two halves bolted together. These rings also prevent convolution root distortion but additionally limit the compressive axial deflection taken by each element. Both types of rings Metallic Bellows Manufacturer in gujarat.

Bellows can be sleeved for various reasons. First is to reduce turbulence and thus pressure drop, to minimize erosion on the walls and to restrict entry of foreign material. Sleeves should be designed with the minimum practical clearance to restrict entry of foreign material. There should be sufficient overlap at the free end to ensure that with all possible movements, especially if lateral movement is involved, there is no chance of the sleeve end fouling the

It is wrong to assume that a sleeve can completely prevent deposition of solid material in the convolutions, since back eddies can easily result in sedimentation
behind the sleeve. In fact, a sleeve can frequently help to trap solid material against the bellows, where it might otherwise have been carried away in the turbulent flow. The most practical way to prevent solid from getting into the bellows/sleeve space is by use of purge medium continuously supplied to this space. The draining of this space of any corrosive products must be considered.

The designer is having freedom in deciding the geometric parameters of bellows, but he has to take care about the cumulative effect of these parameters on the various performance criteria. They are internal pressure capacity, squirm failure, stability of bellow, fatigue life etc. Each criterion affects on the performance of expansion joint. They are elaborated as following.

Excessive hoop stress in the straight cylindrical end tangents of a bellow will cause circumferential yielding. This stress is calculated by a modification of the Barlow’s equation. For Metallic Bellows Manufacturer in india tangents can be reinforced by collars.

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